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Life is an unpredictable succubus...as such we will be taking a break to sort some things out.....

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What’s The Point?

Ooohh, I love that question: What's the point? I will resist answering that on a philosophical level. The immediate purpose of the Tidbits page is to just offer the flip side of all the cheery upbeat feel good shiny stories we all keep seeing around. Yes, the news is societal doom and gloom but some... Continue Reading →

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Duck Sex is No Joke…

Male ducks have corkscrew shaped penises that not only are seemingly spring loaded but also fall off and regrow every year. Female ducks have corkscrew shaped vaginas, that corkscrew in the opposite direction and contain dead ends they can force undesired suitor's members into. That's a thing you know now, you're welcome.

Mice (May) Have Feelings….

Research shows that mice can sense sadness, discomfort and pain in other mice and reflected that in themselves as well, showing evidence of at least a crude form of empathy. Some studies show that they don't even have to be in the same living space, just within full view of each other.

Sad Teddy…

Grizzly bears prefer to have multiple cubs in a litter, so much so that if they just have one cub they will sometimes abandon it and try to mate again. Panda bears, however, can often only care for one cub at a time and will have to make the tough choice between multiple babies.

Death by Good Intentions…

In 2006, a team of scientific researchers in Iceland were gathering clams in order to study the effects of climate change. They froze the clams to transport them, which killed them. By coincidence, they ended up killing the oldest known clam still left alive, nicknamed, “Ming”, which was 507 years old.

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