What’s The Point?

Ooohh, I love that question: What’s the point?

I will resist answering that on a philosophical level. The immediate purpose of the Tidbits page is to just offer the flip side of all the cheery upbeat feel good shiny stories we all keep seeing around. Yes, the news is societal doom and gloom but some of the other options are just hi-gloss paid it forward junk – neither of which serve any real purpose most of the time. My idea is to offer something in the middle, to present little nuggets of information that can be easily absorbed and retained and to hopefully spur a craving.

tid·bit – noun

  • a small and particularly interesting item of news, gossip or information.

They may not always be dark, but they won’t be bright. Something resembling varied shades of cloudy, much like the spectrum in which actual life happens. It’s important to be able to see the duality of life and of people but also to be able to see the humor in everything. And because the quest of knowledge, even of seemingly useless facts, is your greatest super power that you should never stop feeding.

The tidbits of info may be small, for maximum mindless scrolling enjoyment, but source articles when available will be linked and don’t stop there. Look it up, find contrasting views – find contradicting facts! Link them to me, comment how stupid I must be to not know that. I adore new facts of all sorts.


Fun fact: Jell-O is made with gelatin, a processed version of the collagen protein found in the connective tissue, bones and hides of animals. It’s the same stuff that makes any soup with animal bones in it take on a jelly quality when cooled, and it can commonly be found in gummy bears, marshmallows, and easy-to-swallow pill coatings.

I find it mildly disturbing, which just makes it more delicious.


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