Blog Post #4: Suicide is Selfish

I know you've already got your torches lit and your triggers all half-cocked, but hold your tits. I just wanted to get a rise out of ya, it's kinda my thing - and pissy people are my demographic. I would be terribly surprised if you had never heard that sentiment before though, that "suicide is... Continue Reading →


Blog Post #3: Relationships are Weird

Relationships, whether purely friendly or sexual in nature, seem to be this peculiar obstacle course of booby traps mixed with rewards. In some ways they go against everything people are trying to tell you to build you up into this confident independent human being. Between the highly conflicting standards, goals and advice and the ever... Continue Reading →

Blog Post #1: Life is Shit

I cannot imagine that by now there are people that do not understand this basic concept but it does, however, still surprise me how many people avoid embracing it. Perhaps it’s within the realms of Depression or Anxiety or any of the other mental hiccups I have experienced, I learned negativity can be a relief.... Continue Reading →

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